At Zoobbay, the quality of service

is an important matter.

  • Chin Lung M.
    Very good
  • Janet S.
    Great place for Apple phones. They delivered what they promised.
  • Nicole H.
  • William J.
    The phones are wonderfully priced and the phone are amazing, I ordered multiple iPhones for Christmas and everyone was very pleased and happy with them. I couldn’t be happier with my purchases and what I spent on them!! Thank you!
  • Mike L.
    有1年保養 好好,愉快嘅購物!
  • Ken C.
    值得推薦! 交貨迅速! 產品與描述符合。 Thank you!

discover Zoobbay’s workshop,
or why you are better here
than elsewhere

  • We bring the strictest quality control measures from Europe.

  • All our devices are exclusively refurbished in Hong Kong.

  • All our devices are refurbished locally and in-house with original brand parts.

  • Our service support team is on the ground to answer your every enquiry, from ordering to daily use.

Questions peoples always ask.

  • What does unlocked mean?

    All smartphones sold on Zoobbay are unlocked, which means that your phone can be used with any sim card from any operator, worldwide.

  • What is the difference between a Silver and diamond grade phones?

    They say beauty is only skin-deep, well, so are our phones. All our phones across silver and diamond are identical in their internal function and form. However, we grade the external casing of the phones across our three-point grading system.

  • Who refurbishes the products?

    Our team takes care of refurbishment at every step of the way – from the selection of the best secondhand devices, to fixing each piece to the right place. We follow a strict Quality Assurance methodology according to European standards.

  • What condition will my battery be in?

    We check every battery to make sure it reaches at least 90% of its initial charging capacity. If it does not meet this standard, the battery is automatically replaced by a new one.